As a leading construction materials supplier we recognise the importance of our role in conserving the environment. As such one of our core values, “Planet”, reflects our commitment to the environment and guides our business decisions. At AfriSam we assume a responsible attitude towards the environment and make sure that we use our natural resources in a deliberated way thereby sustaining life for future generations.

We published our first environmental policy in 1994 based on the 16 principles of the International Chamber of Commerce’s “Business Charter for Sustainable Development”. We review and update this policy regularly and commit ourselves to its principles. We have undertaken significant initiatives in the areas of energy optimisation and emission reduction where we’re recognised as leaders; rehabilitating our old mining sites to a self-sustaining state; optimally using resources and reducing our carbon footprint. Over the years, these programmes have reduced our electrical and thermal energy consumption significantly.

So far we have made significant achievements in our drive towards sustainability, including:

Pioneering cement kiln emission improvement in southern Africa.
Being the first producer to install continuous emission measuring equipment capable of measuring 13 gas streams on an ongoing basis.
Being the first producer to conduct regular metal and dioxin and furan emission measurements in stack emissions.
Being the first to install bag-house filter technology for kiln emissions in South Africa.
Complying very favourably with the European Community 76/2000/EC standards.
Introducing our green cement product range in 2000 and becoming one of the lowest CO2 generators per ton of cement in Africa.
Using mineral component extenders in our cement, resulting in a significant reductionin our clinker factor without compromising the quality of our products.
Signing up for the Eskom 49M initiative in 2012.
Awarded a Clean Award for our Ulco operation by the National Association of Clean Air (NACA) in 2013
Introducing an Energy Policy in 2015 to actively drive down energy consumption.
As a result of extensive energy efficiency and clinker reduction programmes we’ve managed to increase cement production since 1990 by 53% while, at the same time, reducing out total CO2 emissions.

At the end of 2009 we introduced a carbon rating stamp on all bagged cement products to indicate the carbon footprint of each product relative to the world CO2 average for cement. In 2010 we introduced our unique low-carbon footprint Eco Building Cement and extended our CO2 drive to include the ongoing carbon footprint assessment and management of all readymix operations as well as all aggregate quarries and processing plants. In the same year we won the Nedbank Green Mining Award followed by the Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Award in 2011.

We are a corporate member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and a patron member of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA). We offer sponsorship to the Two Oceans Aquarium, the Delta Environmental Centre’s Teachers Awareness Programme and the South African Wildlife College where at least one full bursary is offered annually.

With the increasing environmental awareness of our customers we not only offer quality products but customer peace of mind through our commitment to sound environmental stewardship